Policies & Rates



(If you stay past this time your credit card will automatically be billed for another night!)



  1. The designated handicap, loading and unloading, and 15-minute zones must be observed by all members and their guests.
  2. No house trailers, camping vehicles, camping trailers, boat trailers, boat cradles, recreational vehicles, or vehicles other than automobiles or vans may be parked on the premises.
  3. If you have more than one vehicle or a large SUV/truck, park in the upper lot during busy times. (when lower lot is above 50% capacity)
  4. Lessees and Transient dock rentals are to park in the North upper lot during busy times (when lower lot is above 50% capacity) . 
  5. Do not park on the grass.
  6. Guests of members using the parking facilities must park in the upper lot during busy times (when lower lot is above 50% capacity).
  7. The spaces at the South end near the bike rack are for loading and unloading only.
  8. No parking is permitted in the  Foster Boat Works lot along Ferry Ave during the month of July. We are also never permitted to park in the spaces along the condos. The spaces next to the south dumpster can be utilized and of course the upper and lower north parking lots are for owners and guests as designated.
  9. If you have a large or multiple vehicle, please park in the upper lot.
  10. Park in the upper lot if you are leaving for any period of time. All vehicles that are parked in the lot for extended periods (while cruising) must be registered with the Harbormaster.
  11. During special events, parking may be limited to owners and lessees. (Venetian fireworks) 


  1. Pets must be on a leash, not left unattended, and are not allowed in the Clubhouse or pool.
  2. Pet owners are responsible for the clean-up of all pet waste. Mutt mitts are available on the North upper lot and on the white building at the South end. Use the dock walk areas near the mitt stations to relieve your pets. Do not use the picnic areas, fire pit area, or any other commons area.


  1. No day charter boats or commercial use of any dock or common elements will be permitted. 
  2. No overnight rentals of vessels are permitted.
  3. No major boat work is permitted.
  4. Dock boxes must be approved by the Board of Directors. Dock boxes must be kept reasonably clean and in working order.
  5. No carpeting will be permitted on docks or posts, except a small throw rug, for the purpose of wiping dirt off shoes.
  6. Halyards must be tied off. A fine may result if your halyards have to be tied off by our staff.
  7. No immoral, improper, unlawful or offensive activities shall be carried on in any unit or upon the common elements.
  8. No open flames will be permitted anywhere on the dock, finger piers or boats. All cooking shall be done below deck or in areas designated by the Board of Directors.
  9. No watercraft of any type shall be moored, even temporarily, anywhere in the yacht basin other than in a unit.
  10. Watercraft may be tied to the pump out dock only while using the facilities and must be attended by a responsible person.
  11. All dinghies must be securely moored to a dock or finger pier wholly with the limits of the unit.
  12. Use of firearms, fireworks or other similar dangerous weapons is not permitted.
  13. Any sign displayed in the yacht basin must be approved by the Board of Directors.
  14. No unsightly condition may be maintained.
  15. After 10:00 p.m. unnecessary noise or loud talking or playing of musical instruments or radios is not permitted.
  16. Materials put into the water must not cause a nuisance to any member or member’s boat and must not pollute the water in any way.
  17. No bicycles shall be stored or ridden on any dock.
  18. No refueling, gas or diesel, will be permitted.
  19. No fishing upon any dock or finger pier.
  20. No swimming in the harbor or slip area is permitted unless approved by the Harbormaster.
  21. No fish cleaning on premises will be permitted.
  22. Boat lengths: Vessels in a 30 FT. slip may not extend more than 3 FT. past the end of the finger pier. Vessels in a 40 FT. slip may not extend more than 4 FT. past the end of the finger pier. Vessels in 55 FT. and 70 FT. slips may not extend past the outer pilings of their respective slips. Vessels in slips 92, 149, 194, and 195 may not extend more than 10 FT. past the end of their respective slips. Owners and vessels that presently exceed this rule (as 15 Dec 2007) and do not present a hazard to navigation must come into compliance when a new vessel is next purchased. Any new slip owner’s, renter’s, or transient’s vessel must be in compliance. Slip owners are responsible for the compliance of their lessees (renting direct from owner) or the slip owner will be fined $200.00 per calendar month or any portion thereof until lessee becomes compliant.


  1. Pool rules are posted in the pool area. Please familiarize yourself with them.
  2. Children under 14 and all guests must be accompanied by an adult member while in the pool area.
  4. No swimming in the harbor or slip area is permitted unless approved by the Harbormaster. 


  1. Dumpsters are only for garbage generated at Northwest Marine and Foster Boat Works.
  2. Garbage must be securely bagged, tied and placed in one of the dumpsters.
  3. It is against state and federal law to dispose of paint, oil, or antifreeze anywhere other than a designated facility. We are not such a facility!
  4. No appliances or furniture.
  5. No toxic, flammable, or hazardous waste.
  6. Break down all boxes.


  1. Must be returned to the loading areas in the same condition in which they were found. If soiled you are required to clean them. 


  1. Complaints, suggestions, and requests should be made in writing, signed, and given to the Harbormaster. Complaints of violations by members should be made in writing, signed and given to the Board of Directors.
  2. No reprimand shall be given to any employee.


  1. Fines:
    • No fine shall be levied for the first violation of the rules.
    • $25.00 for the second violation, etc
    • Objectionable acts not covered by the rules may result in a fine determined by the Harbormaster.
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